Monday, September 24, 2012

At the end of a hard week, you see the FRUITS!

Hello All!! THis week was crazy! Satan really worked on us! 

But the tears, sweat, and not understanding was all worth it...WE HAD A BAPTISM!! Yes! Theresa entered into the waters of baptism on Saturday night and was confirmed a member on Sunday! Wonderful experience! It seemed like all the trials were never ending this week. It seemed everyday was a bust but the Lord provided! We are defiantly being looked out for by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am really coming to understand that this is the Lord's work and He wont let it stop for anything. 

We were able to have FHE with Bishop Pillow this week. Gwen and Charles came! Gwen and Charles are a Jamaican couple we are teaching. Gwen is the coolest lady and Charles is so spiritual! Gwen accepted a a date for baptism on Sunday for October 27th! She has a philosophy for life, you should only be married and baptized once, and she has already done the first one. We asked her if we could work for the goal of the 27th and she said yes but if its sooner than we will make it sooner! Her and Charles came to church on Sunday! She cooked us dinner last night. So good!! Jamaican food is nice and spicy! And we had watermelon, cucumber, celery juice! 

I am always amazed by the power of prayer as we.. A recent convert who went through the temple recently took us out for dinner and she made the comment, "When you pray, you create intention" How true is that?? We pray and the Lord expects us to act. We cant just pray in vain. If we want to find people to baptize, we need to be boldly praying and acting on it. I am also once again learning about the importance of members in this work. We need the members of Christ's church to be opening up their mouth. WIthout them, this work is nothing. Missionary work is simply being a good example and inviting people. So CHALLENGE:: All you women, invite a friend to watch the Relief Society Broadcast with you this Saturday! What an awesome experience to share with someone!!

Well, we are off for the day! We have a great week planned and I am ready!!

All my love,
Sister Ploth. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Heeeeyyyyyyy Daytona!!

So week 3 already?? WOW! Time sure does flyyyyy!!!

Its been a great week. We were blessed with some awesome referrals and
we were able to bike our hearts out. This next week we will also be
biking and talking to all the people the Lord puts on our path.

We have a baptism this week, Theresa. She is legit. She had her
interview this weekend and she is excited. She has overcome smoking
this past week and her spirit is so strong. now we just have to pray
that the Lord will continue to strengthen her and Satan wont get to
her. (he is a jerk!)

Our AC was broken and it sucked. Waking up in the morning sweating was
nasty. Luckily, Elder Gebs (the man in charge of all that) went all
Papa BEar on the apartment staff for us. The solution? Bang the pipe
thing with a spoon. hahaha. yeah, i know. weird but it worked!!

Tonight we are having FHE with the Elders and some investigators at
Bishop's. The treat....banana splits!! yum! this weekend Daytona Beach
Ward will have 5 baptisms!! holla!!

the Lord's work is awesome!! i love it out here!! Bring on these last
6 months! I am ready to shine! And of course, to be humbled. the Lord
is really throwing some curve balls.

well!! thats it for now,

all my love,
Sister Ploth.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Greetings from Daytona!

 Life out here is great! We defiantly hit the ground running. I wasnt unpacked until Thursday night/Friday morning. We have been really busy and I love it. I even jumped back on the good ole bike this week. I am excited to use that again! 
Its crazy how transfers works, as soon as you are comfortable the Lord decides to rock your world and move you. The coolest thing is that everything I learned in Eustis I am up against again but, this time I can solve the problem quicker because the Lord already showed me how to do it. I have pondered a lot about what Elder Bott says on the District 2 that the last 6 months are a time for a missionary to shine, they have been trained and they know how to do missionary work. I am excited to see the miracles unravel. I know Daytona needs to be built up and we are exctied.
This ward is great! Its very diverse and they love their missionaries. We got an ipad yesterday! YES AN IPAD! We get to use it for our teaching. We have some rules so dont worry, we cant use it in our apartment. Right not its still in the box until we can get it all set on Wednesday. so cool!!
My new comp: Sister Dunford is great! This is her 2nd transfer so I am finishing her training.She is great! She is from California and has a great testimony. She is really short and so everyone talks about the height difference, now I am really self concious about my height. hahaha.
We are working with some great people and have a baptism lined up in the next few weeks. Oh and Elder Finke is my district leader, if you remember he was in my disctrict my last transfer in lake mary. Also Elders Ashby and Oliver are in my disctrict again. So cool!
Well the lady in the same room is a cussing up a storm so I am very distracted.....ack!!!!!!! so awkward!!!
This Friday is my 1 yr out. Crazy! I still havent seen the ocean, rats. But it will come!!
Love you all!!
Sister Ploth.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Daytona'ing uuuuppp!!!

So transfer day and I will be serving in the Daytona North area. How exciting! This past weekend, we have been a tri, Sister Showell came here from Lake Mary and she will be staying here and also Sister Barlow will be coming as well. So the Eustis sisters will be a tri.

I must say, I have felt my work in Eusits was a success. I didnt baptize 100's like Alma did but the work that was accomplished here was far greater. Yesterday, we got to see Johnathon Sinkovich get the Priesthood from his dad. What a sweet moment. As soon as Johnathon got the Priesthood, I knew my work here was done. Its like a feeling of peace and joy. I have loved less active work here. Its just as important I have love rescuing members and helping them make and keep commitments. I have seen so many people grow and the ward has seen it too. I know the gospel is real and I know its needs to be shared with everyone--member and non member-- that is why home teaching and visiting teaching are so important. As members we have to come together to help one another. This world is hard, it s a test, but with the Gospel anything is possible. I love this work. I just love it. I cannot believe I will be hitting my one year in only 11 days. Its surreal. But I know I am where I am suppose to be. When we give it all to our Heavenly Father and rely on our Savior, His Atonement can carry us.

Sorry this is so short but....I have some packing and some good byeing to say!!

love you all!!

Sister Ploth.

Picture attatched! Our trio!