Friday, July 15, 2011

I thought you were going to Florida...

Well, I am. I am just going to Alaska this week! That is right folks! I am off for a cruise to Alaska! My mom and I found out about this less than 12 hours. I am going off of about 4 hours of sleep and I want to die. I am so hot and cranky but I am super excited. This is what I have been wanting!! Here is my life for the next few weeks...

July 16th Board cruise to Alaska
July 23rd- Return at 7am to Seattle, go straight to work

July 27th- Work, midnight board plane to Atlanta, arrive in Atlanta 8am next day

Atlanta until July 31st, Go to South Carolina. Clean and be with Kendal August 1st-August 12th
Return to Atlanta until the 18th (ish). Go to work until the 5th or 8th (havent decided). Sept 9th weekend garage sale with Mom. Sept 13th leave for Utah, Sept 14th enter MTC.

ack!!! Can I do it?? Yes!! All between that, I need to get endowed and set apart and get more missionary stuff. What is a girl to do??

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