Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 6 of Transfer 3!

WEEK 6 of TRANSFER 3! Next week I find out if I stay or go! Lets make this last week BOMB!

The area is going great! We have ups and downs but its going.
Carmen wasn't able to come to church, she was sick. She has been church in South Carolina so we want to talk to her tonight about how she feels moving her date back or seeing if she wants to get baptized this Sunday. She is understanding so much! its awesome to see her progress. And she is so proud when she reads the BOM. When we see her she is exciting to pray and show us. She truly loves reading it!
Yancy came to church! That was way awesome! We saw him on Tuesday and we were going to give him a soft drop talk. Just let him know that he really needs to make it a priority. Well I repented because it wasn't the Lord's will. I realized later that we never asked God if Yancy needed us, we were just frustrated. We found out that he hasn't prayed about the BOM or Joseph Smith, he just thought it felt good. He is reading the BOM (in Mosiah) but doesn't make church a priority. We told him if he made Church a priority God would take care of the rest. Well right then he prayed and asked God if this is where he needed to be. As soon as he closed his prayer he said, "God is putting this into my heart. Get me a ride and I will go." SO COOL! He wants to take us a magic game.
We saw Allison, briefly. She was going through a lot. She is headed off to Vegas for her job interview. We were able to visit with her for awhile.
We are making lots of contacts. Our street contacting is going well. I am gaining more confidence and boldly testifying.

 The member work is going so great! We aren't getting tons of referrals but people are starting to be more open. The members are trying to invite friends and family over that aren't members. One of the Youth even introduce their friend they brought to church yesterday. We need to be better at following up and REALLY encouraging and praying harder for the members.

I went to College Park this weekend on exchanges. Its the YSA/college area. Oh my. Half naked college students! But it was cool. I forgot how easy it is to talk to people my own age! I was with with Sister Kaaa (again) and it was so fun! She is a great missionary and I hope I can serve with her one day!

The coolest thing happened this week! Well one! SO we had Stake Conference. President Holladay (Stake Pres) announced that while Elder Neil L. Andersen (apostle) was here in October he went around and asked high up people if they needed help with anything. Well with some following up, the Saints of Florida will be able to examples among the believers. One cool thing is happening RIGHT HERE IN THE LAKE MARY AREA! The Florida Orlando Stake along with 6 other congregations (Christian, Jews, Islam) are coming together to donate time, talent, money, and such for a home for a family. Thats right Habit for Humanity. Its called a Harmony House. We went to the groundbreaking yesterday. Every leader gave a prayer. President Holladay gave a Melchizedek Priesthood blessing. It brought tears into my eyes! The spirit was so strong. I am excited to help out and meet people of different faiths. The Church normally doesnt do anything like this but when an apostle says to, we do.

I am so grateful to be serving! I am constanlty being blessed and I see that my friends and family are. Thank you for all your prayers and letters of encouragenment. You have no idea what it means to me! I love you all dearly.

love always. Sister Ploth.

I forgot my chip thing, so pictures next week!!

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