Monday, February 6, 2012

Transfer 4- Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

Hello Family and Friends and others!

Well here I am transfer #4! (Remember: 13 transfers in a Sisters' life) Results are in, I am staying in Lake Mary and Sister Durr is leaving! She is going to Daytona! Sister Christensen is coming here! She used to serve with Sister Durr in College Park so I know she is a hard worker! This will be different but I am excited. I will miss Sister Durr so much! I love her so much and reading my emails and letters and seeing pictures I hope you all have been able to feel/see/know of that love! She is truly Christlike! I feel my Savior's love through and around and everywhere about her!!

As for the subject:: I GOT STUNG BY A BEE THIS WEEK! I was going to the bathroom in Walgreens and I felt something on my neck, well I grabbed it (MY 'B' (ee)) and it stung! I started crying!! It hurt so bad! Its hard to ride a bike with a stinger in it. We finally were able to get the rest of the stinger out THIS MORNING! Oh gosh.
Earlier that week, outside of Walgreens, A JW (Jehovah Witness) came up and tried to "save us". She was sharing scriptures from the bible and telling us that we had spiritual needs and we need to start dealing with them. Sister Durr and I were polite. We bore testimony of the Restored gospel. She gave us literature but we took it while shoving some into her hands. She seemed uneasy but hey, we read yours so you should read ours!

This morning I finished the Book of Mormon! I was reading it last week and realized I could be done by the end of the transfer and I was able to read 27 pages/day and be done! It was way cool! I learned a lot. Especially from 3 Nephi, I love the teachings of the Savior! I love they are consisted with the same teachings in the Bible. It hit me while reading that Christ's church is going to be the same EVERYWHERE! Next transfer I want to finish it again. If I read 12pages/day I will be able to do it. I invite you all to do the same!

Everything is going great! It seems like when we "lose" people, others jump on board. We got a referral from North Winter Park this last week, we taught him yesterday, he accepted a soft baptism date. We taught another member referral from the Holladays. A 16 year old kid who wants to go on a mission and share with people about "Jesus Christ, Mormons, and Stuff" That was way cool!
Carmen is struggling. She was all about the gospel and recently she has stopped talking to us. She is stressed out about worldly things. Every time I think of her I think of the Stake Conference talk about "jumping off ship". I know we need to nurture her and show her that the gospel WILL help her out.
Lindsey (Recent Convert) is still struggling. We see her a lot and always invite her to church and activities.
Next week we have some awesome plans for our investigators. I want to do more than teach them, I want to serve them!

Hmmmm. thats about it! I hope all is well. Here are some people I have been thinking of::

KAILEY FRAZIER: I want to see your baby!! (: I dont have your address
Ling Family: Dont have your address either. ):
Jason Call: Can I have a copy of some of your music? The one about missions "Best of Me". Its been stuck in my head!!

love you all!!

Sister Ploth!

Picture 1: Preach my Gospel Mission!! (In the car wash)
Picture 2: A girl in our ward collects these Beanie Boos. Well she showed them to us and we LOVED them! She bought us some! So of course we dressed them up like missionaries! CUTE!

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