Monday, May 21, 2012

Can you believe its already Week 4??!?!?!

Hello Everyone! I got caught up in President's email talking about I will share with ya'll what I have learned....
So repentance has been on my mind A LOT! Not only about how to better teach it but how to understand it and apply it in my own life. We have to be truly repent ourselves in order to teach others how to do it. I have learned a few things and I pray I can convey them in this letter.
First off, repentance takes time. We cant rush it. We cant expect instant forgivness, it seems like a lot of time in my life I expect that instant gratification but then those feelings of guilt and shame come back. In order to repent we need to be broken. I looked up contrite this morning and it had the most intersting defination. "filled with a sense of guilt and the desire for atonement" We must desire those feelings of guilt to go away and we have to have FAITH that Jesus Christ knows how we feel but most importantly we need to know he will take it away. This week while looking at, Sister Staley and I came across a video from a guy named Tim. He had only one leg and is very phsycial active. He utilized the atonement to get over his feelings of inadequices and to be make the best of his situation. It strengthend my testimony on the atonement. But back to repentance, when we repent we must feeling that sorrow, we MUST plead with our Heavenly Father to help us get over temptation. We need to cast off that sin but know that if we are tempted again it takes strength to over but even more strength to rely on the Lord. When we truly repent we have to see a change in ourselves and the world. We are a different person. That is why we invite people to repent and then be baptized, baptism is symbolic of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. So we must follow His example.
So that is what I learned about repentance. (:

I hope SOMEONE learned something out of that. Kind of scattered but I am truly loving repentance!! What a great tool our Hevaenly Father has given us. So here is am about to be a missionary...I invite YOU ALL to study repetance and then make it a daily thing. I can promise that as you do that your life will change, you will be happier, you will feel of Heavenly Father's love, and you will better understand that atonement.

Cody was baptized this Saturday. He is 9 so he counted as a convert but his family are members. Sweet boy. We played Gosple Chutes and Ladders with him on friday. we made it up. If you ask up about the law of chasity or the 7th commandment he wll turn BRIGHT RED and say, "dont kiss what isnt yours!!!" haha.

Crazy week, we have leadership, i get to go!! that means 2 days in orlando full of revelation.

Also everyone!! Check out my profile... then create on yourself!!

love you! keep praying for this work. Satan is working hard!!

love you!!
Sister Ploth.

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