Monday, May 14, 2012

I have about 15 mintues left so....


Well hello everyone!! I hope everyone called their moms yesterday, I did!!! What an awesome experience!! Oh how I love my mommy and my step mommy!! They put up with so much for me but yet they want to do so much for me. I dont think I will be able to repay them.

Everything is going so great here! We had zone conference this week. The mission is moving forward! Excited things are happening! We are able to now go on and create profiles and use it in our teachings. I ment to get my URL to send home this week, oops! Next week! We get 2 hours a week to work on, on top of our emailing on prep day. Pretty cool.

We also were taught a lot about repentance. What a blessing we have to be able to repent. Alma 24:10-12, 15-17, and 18 are some good references. Basically, we come with a broken heart and contrite spirit. We thank our Heavenly Father for the ability to repent. We confess our sins and we forsake them. We beg with our Father the ability to overcome sin and to be cleansed. One thing I was learned is that repentance isnt quick and speedy. You have to spend a lot of time on your knees and you need to FEEL of His love. Christ can take it all away, as along as we let him. Most importantly. we need to forgive ourselves. Sis Staley pointed out a cool thing..I dont remeber the reference but Heavenly Father says he will forgive whom he forgives but of us we must forgive YOURSELF!!

Out here we are defiantly running into a block. We arent finding a lot. Therefore, we cant teach and we cant baptize. So keep us in your prayers! The work is progressing and Satan doesnt like it. He does everything he can to hold us back. We cannot allow that.

Well thats it for this week....we have a baptism this weekend, Cody, he is a 8yr old kid. We taught him the law od chasity this past week...oh my...haha. poor kid was RED! hahaha. His mom thought it was hilarious. We are putting together a game to play with him on Friday!! so fun!!

well i love you all!! oh and just a little mailbox has been rather empty lately. WHAT THE HECK?!?! (:

love always,
sister ploth.

pic attatched: Leesburg Zone. Reppin' green. We are the only sisters and this zone is known to not have pressure right?? (:

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