Monday, June 18, 2012


Hello Everyone! So transfer 7 and week 1 done! This past week I hit my 9 month! Wow! So cool!! I really love this work!!
Okay, fun! Sister Kerns is great! She was ready to hit the ground running and knock doors. I think she was a little disappointed when we didnt. haha. But we eventually did and she loved it! She also invited Beverly to be baptized on July 14th. She was stumbling over her words, I was praying so hard for her, and then Beverly says, "Well what is it Sister Kerns?? SPIT IT OUT!!" haha. So funny but she accepted and we are excited. We planned out the next 3 weeks for her last night, filled with some amazing spiritual experience! Keep her in your prayers!!
Friday something way cool happend! We were at the library mormon.orging and a guy walks up to us and says, "I was a missionary once! Here have dinner on me!" And gave us $10! I have heard of stuff like that happening , but never saw it. It was way cool!
Hmmm what else can I share? This week I really liked Doctorine and Covenants 62:3   Nevertheless, ye are ablessed, for the btestimony which ye have borne is crecorded in heaven for the angels to look upon; and they rejoice over you, and your dsins are forgiven you.
So after reading that I immediatly wrote down my testimony. Of course I want it to be recorded in Heaven!! I want you all to know that I have a LIVING Testimony of this Gospel. Awhile ago SIster Hamm wrote me and I often find myself reflecting back that this Gospel is ALIVE. Christ is Alive. Repentance is a real principle. Faith is the first principle of the Gospel, and repentance is the second. Without those two things I am nothing.
We taught the Relief Society lesson this Sunday, it was chapter 12 of President George A. Smith and it was called  "An Enthusiastic Desire to Share the Gospel" What a perfect lesson for the missionaries to teach. As Sister Kerns and I went over it, I imagined the Plan of Salvation and how we lived with Heavenly Father as a FAMILY, we come down as a FAMILY (different families, but still we are all spirit brothers and sisters), and we want to return as a FAMILY. I often find myself really understanding this work. I am 9 months out and just begining to understand my purpose. In some ways, I dont want to go home. I want to serve, love, and share what I know to be true everyday of my life! The people of the Orlando, Florida area are children of God and they need Him. I loved what Sister Kerns said early this week as she was looking at out area map..."We are responsilbe for all these people in this area" And we are! I will leave with my favorite paragraph from the lesson, that made me cry but its what every missionary feel!
My Heavenly Father … has called me to go to many parts of the earth, and more than a million miles have been traversed since I was called into the ministry. I have traveled in many lands and climes, and wherever I have gone I have found good people, sons and daughters of the living God who are waiting for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and there are thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of them, who would be accepting the truth if they only knew what we know.10
Well until next time, Brothers and Sisters, all my love, Sister Ploth.
Pic 1: Picking Sister Kerns up!
Pic 2: I finished my journal last night!!!

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