Monday, November 19, 2012


Hello Brothers and Sisters!

So if you scroll down to the pictures you will see that we didn't have just one baptism this Sunday but we had 2!!!! Crazy week!!!

Okay...where to begin. So we had two trainings this week. One in Eustis about closing the gap and we found out that there will be NO TRANSFERS next week. President doesn't want the trainings to get lost so the only thing is changing is those that are leaving and training. With the new age limit for missionaries I also got the news that I will be coming home March 27th. Crazy! Its only a week but it feels so much closer, I wont lie, I kind of had a panic attack but I know this is what the Lord wants and I just need to continue to work hard. Home seems so close but so far. 

Wednesday we had the craziest day!! Back to Back appointments. Brittany and Eric accepted baptism for December 8th. They are awesome! They even came to church on Sunday! She even looked me up on Facebook hahaha. so whoever is checking on my Facebook if you see a request from Brittany Yocum, accept please. (: 
We taught Morgan at the church that night and her mom was there. She signed the record and we thought it was all ready for what we thought would be the 24th, just wait for that part...
Thursday we had Sister training, that 2nd picture is of all the sisters in the FOM. Silly picture huh? I love these Sisters so much!! They are amazing and beautiful and wonderful. I am so lucky! We found out the increase of missionaries the FOM will have 76 sisters within the next 6 months. Holy Talitos Batman! We will all be training, so chances of me "dying" as a training are high AND 4 new Sister areas will be opening next month! this work is progressing and its so awesome to be apart of.  Friday night we had dinner with Brother Staley and his girlfriend, Denie. She is amazing!! We love her and she is so prepared for this gospel. We just need to set a baptism date!! She has come to church the past two weeks. Our biggest obstacle is getting Brother Staley not to take her out on so many dates so we can teach her! hahaha. 
Saturday was my first funeral. It was for Brother Davis, who passed a week ago, What a great guy. It was a really good funeral! I have heard that mormon funerals are really happy and different. it wasn't sad, it was all happy memories and laughing and a big party after...kinda....lots of food. Sister Davis looked so good! She is an amazing lady and she was sure to come and give the missionaries some loving. it was weird to see my first dead body in a casket but he looked at peace and I just kept imagining him in the Spirit World teaching the Gospel. Brother Davis was a dedicated member until the day he died. He magnified his calling, had 100% home teaching, knew the temple ordninaces in english, french, spanish, and portuguese, and gave out Book of Mormons like crazy! I was so privileged to have known him. He and his wife are great examples! 
So with the funeral we had to push back Anthony"s baptism and then with thanskgiving the ward is so busy so Bishop wanted us not have baptisms next week so we called president and he said if morgan was ready then do it tomorrow (sunday). We pretty much texted her and arranged it all!! amazzzzing!! she was crying so hard. she is an amazing 16 year old girl, she is going to go so far!! we love her so much!! and all she kept saying was "thank you so much for being the ones to push me to do this" so great!! she will go on to do amazing things!!

well. HAve a happy thanksgiving!! I am thankful for this gospel. being a missionary. YOU ALL. my family. ect ect.

What are  you thankful for??

Love, Sister Ploth. 

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