Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you for loving me so much to cut me down.

 In order to better understand how I have felt this mormon message does the trick:
I hope and pray that you will be able to feel the excitement that I have and the lessons I have learned. 

I am sooooooo GREAT! From the mormon message, by Elder Christofferson about the Will of God, I feel like a current bush that was cut back by the gardener. Week 3 was so tough. I strongly disliked week 3, but it built us up to prepare for all the miracles that we saw in week 4 and prepared us for week 5 as well. This week we were challenged by Elder Finke to study the Atonement and I learned a lot. And it was a nice reminder of what the atonement is for and how it can help me. One of the big things is understanding physical death. 
This week two amazing people passed away. First off, I got a call Wednesday night from the Eustis Sisters, The Chandlers, one of the twins passed away. I was so sad but grateful for the opportunity that I had to be apart of them! Little Faith Chandler taught me so much and I never even met her! She taught me the pure love of Christ and mighty prayer.  I have learned that because of the Atonement of Christ that baby is PERFECT and will return to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ with no problems. AND! The Atonement helps the parents understand the Plan of Salvation! WOW! It does cover all. I am just so grateful for Jesus Christ and His perfect example of obedience and love. 
Alos Brother Davis, a beloved man of the ward, sealer and past Bishop had a stroke and died yesterday. Looks like I will be attending my first funeral this Saturday. 

WOW!!! Gators out of the woodwork this week!
Anthony came to church Sunday! He is ready to go for this weekend. We had to change the baptism to Sunday since Brother Davis passed away yesterday and his funeral is Saturday at the church but Anthony's mom is okay with that. We just have 2 more lessons and the interview. One of his mom's home teachers, Quincy, is 16 and isn't a Priest and the ward wants him to baptism Anthony, well Quincy was ordained a Priest yesterday! Everything is falling into place!!
Morgan Osborne- Our 16 year old friend came to church yesterday, after church she came to us and said, 'Sisters, I cant wait anymore, I want to be baptized ASAP!" We went over the interview questions and she is set for the 24th! yay!!! The YW's lesson was powerful and the Spirit taught her. Pretty amazing since she hasn't been to church in a month. Maybe that is what she needed
Andrae Gilmore- We met him on Halloween and we taught him last week and we exercised our faith and invited him to be baptized in 2 weeks, Nov 24th. He came to church and loved it. He is ify about the 24th but we are confident that he can make baptism but by being obedient and listening to the Spirit we were able to help him understand our purpose.
Brittany and Eric- Kind of weird situation. They are engaged and Eric is working on getting a divorce from his wife, who he hasn't seen in a year and a half. Well they came to the EQ Thanksgiving dinner and loved it. Eric even told Brittany that he will give up chewing tobacco! They want to "transition to being mormon" PRETTY SWEET! 

And some big things to happen, Brother Staley (he is the one we check our iPad to at night) he brought the girl he is dating to church and she wants us to teach her. She doesn't want to learn for him but to learn. She is way cool! Her name is Denie and is so loving and giving. She gave us some girly shampoo and lotion and stuff this week. 

AND! Friday night!! Our neighbors decided it would be cool to go streaking so Sister Dunford and I had the privilege to see 5 white booties!! hahahahaha. So funny!! They were very drunk. Everyone says to report them but we aren't. We will next time though! 
Also Wednesday President Hall called and because of my wonderful mom and step dad, I get to go to my cousin's sealing next month at the Orlando Temple!! In the Florida orlando mission, we arent allowed to go to the temple expect for departing and when converts go. I am pretty stoked! 

This week is going to be so busy! We have training  in Eustis and Sisters Training!! yay a!! and a million appointments already! This Gospel is sooooo true!! i love you all!

love, Sister Ploth. 

This is from President Hall's email this week: 


Notify your family that they need to have all Christmas packages to the mission office no later than the 12th of December to ensure we can forward it in time to reach you.  Secondly, tell them you don't need lots of stuff.  Ask for things that you can use not just move around the rest of your mission.

Pictures: Sister Durr and Wes and Brandon at the temple!

Pic 2: Sister Dunford pre election day last week. We exercised our right to vote! 

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