Monday, December 3, 2012

Its begining to look a lot like christmas!

Hello Everyone!
What a week! Happy Christmas Season! I hope y'all got to watch and enjoy the Christmas Devotional! If not go to and check it out!
Some things I learned from it::
Be a good gift receiver (I need to repent!)
Every gift received helps us strengthen our love with the other person
remember the gifts from our Heavenly Father--Jesus Christ, scriptures, repentance, ect.
find joy in giving to others
gifts can be used to unite families (wasn't that trunk cool that President Eyring made?!?!)
use Christ in your gift giving
true love is a reflection of Christ's love.
rededicate self to principles taught by Christ.
So our week was good. kind of weird. Denie had her wisdom teeth taken out and she has a real bad infection. ): So sad but we were able to see her with Sister Nichols. They have lots of fun things in common. Sister Nichols just lost her husband in April, she is in her 50's, and she is so strong. She is going through a lot of trials but she isnt letting that shake her testimony. We are having FHE with her and her son tonight.
Brittany got another job. She wont be getting baptized this weekend but she still wants to...sometime.
We recieved a lot of referrals! Tender Mercy. One was a head quarters one. A baptist man who told us we were going to hell. It was the saddest thing. We were trying not to contend, we didnt bash, we bore testimony and left. I think that was Sister Dunford's first expereince. I felt bad for the man more than anything. he has family members that our members of our LDS church, so we think he is bitter and took it out on us. Just to make things clear...he requested us to come! We didnt randomly knock on his door. Then we went to check on a less active member but we dont think he lives there because the guy who answered was also very rude. Started asking us all these random questions about the bible. We thought it was a joke at first. He also talked about how festuses arent real babies??? I am not sure.
Oh Gwen and Charles came to the christmas devotional! She is still reading and praying. She knows the church is true! She is so wonderful. We try to go see her once a week, to keep her spirit up and help her progress.
But yeah...thats about it.
I hope you all have a great week!!! Remeber what this season is really about!!
love always.
Sister Ploth.

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