Monday, December 24, 2012

Knowest thou the acondescension of God?I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.


Well I am glad that y'all made it through the end of the world! We were defiantly anticipating when it would all happen but the work went onward. (:  We had our Christmas Devotional in Lake Mary this week which was amazing. We learned all about the condescension of Christ found in 1 Nephi 11 12-27 (which you can click on that and learn more). It was way powerful. What a blessing to be out in Lord's vineyard during this Christmas Season. Sometimes we get wrapped up in traditions and all the good things about Christmas like gift giving and being with our families but I have loved just focusing on the Savior. I have learned a lot about my Savior. I remember last year thinking how weird everything is and how next year would be closer to home and here it is, a blink of an eye! Life in the mission field is amazing. I am so grateful to be serving the people of Daytona, they don't always want it, but I have learned to look at people as Children of God, my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters. And to give everything for Christ at the same time? Man! I am the luckiest girl in the world! I learned a lot in accounting this morning to Elder Shelley and Elder Norman. I learned about sacrifice. When they were first talking about sacrifice I thought of physical things, like, "Sweet! I wont write any more letters, more nap time for me!" haha but they said, "No Sister. Attitudes and behaviors" They pointed out last transfer at week 5 we were very successful because we were URGENT. I must confess, I don't always have an attitude of urgency. I just want to get things done and count down the time where I can eat or go to bed. Unfortunately, that isn't how it works. I am here to work and I need to, work the hardest. So I plan to sacrifice my bad attitude and repent for my un-urgency. Its amazing what you can learn from other missionaries. One of my fears is coming home and being the same and everyone being like, "Wow, that's it?" haha. 

So we had a funny experience last night. We were asked by Bishop Crookston to check on some new move ins from this past year. There have been 71! wow! So we went to one last night. Our instructions were just to see if they lived there and if they needed anything. Here is how the experience went.

Sisters: knock knock

Lady: Yes?

Sisters: Is this the ____ residence?

Lady: Yes...?

Sisters: Hi! We are the Sisters from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we just wanted to....

Lady: UM! We are ATHEISTS.....THANK YOU! slam. 

We didn't know whether to say Merry Christmas or not. We didn't want to offend her. also, they had a christmas tree. Hello lady, why the heck do you celebrate Christmas. We will pray for that family though. It was just so funny. 

Our biggest Christmas adventure will be....we are going to go with some members and the Elders and we are going to be SINGING TELEGRAMS for the homebound members that cant come to church. haha we are pretty excited. It will be cool. ALSO! Anyone remember Michael Rossi? Well he came to church on Sunday with his sister. She is home from BYU for Christmas. We are going to go teach him this week. Hopefully it will be good. The Elders just baptized this cool 19 year old kid, Mick, who is going to help us. He is going to be a legit friend for Michael. We hope we can see whats up. 
Denie is great. We just got done teaching her right before this. (attached pictures are of us and Denie and then us and Brother Staley. She got us some presents. Oh and her mom did too)
Her baptism date is for this Saturday but she is still praying about things. She is an amazing lady and we love her. Brother Staley got her scriptures for her birthday and she was excited for them. hahaha. So keep her in your prayers!! (:

Oh and last miracle! We met a guy named Bob a few weeks ago and we gave him a book of Mormon. He told us to give him 2 weeks. We went back and we never got into contact with him. Well we finally did and he had read the BOM TWICE!! It was amazing. He isn't converted t it but he has a lot of questions. We are going to try to bring the Singlers with us, the perfect members to see him this week. 

I hope yall have a very Merry Christmas!! I am excited to talk to the family! woot!!

love always, 
Sister Ploth. 

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