Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year: Look Not Behind Thee

I hope you had a great Christmas and you are just excited for this new year as I am. This week Sister Dunford and I came across a video on Mormon channel about the New Year and how we cannot look back. It is compared to Lot and his family, how Lot's wife looked back and became a pillar of salt. This past year has been amazing because I have been able to serve Jesus Christ and His people. I have made some mistakes but I know through repentance and goal setting, I can make this New Year even better than last year. I am so blessed to have spent a whole calendar year in the Lord's vineyard. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Look Not Behind Thee-- if the link doesn't work then type into the search engine "New Years"

This week President asked us to talk about our contacting, He was challenged us to, "  I am asking each of you to commit to contacting 25 people a day and to teach when you find and to find when you teach.  I want you to set a goal and be accountable to accomplish this goal.  Some of you will find you are able to find more, other will have to set their goal lower and work towards the goal of 25." So here is my reply to it: We have great desires to contact 25 people a day. We are becoming more aware of people and even riding our bikes more. I think to accomplish this goal, we need to be out more, not using the car as an excuse. We have set a goal to contact 10 people a day, which we have done two times but we are always looking to go over. What we count as a contact is talking to someone, telling them who we are and what we do (teaching a principle or so), and inviting them to listen more or blessing them. Not everyone says yes but we have a few return appointments. Overall our goal for the month of January is to contact a 100 people. We know with faith, prayer, and repentance that we can go beyond that goal.
Faith to find: I know the more people we talk to, the more we will find and the more we include Heavenly Father and the Spirit in the finding process we will be successful. It seems like a lot of time, we pray to be led to those that are prepared and we don't listen to the Spirit. I have a great example of finding, it comes from an email I got this past week from my step dad about my little brother, "Yesterday, Kai could not find his scriptures to go to church. Kai has a lot of faith you know. He prayed to heavenly father and then went right to his scriptures, brought them to me, and holding them out to me said "Heavenly Father works fast.'" A simple story but we know that, if like my brother, we pray and GO and not wait we will be led to people who are prepared, just how my brother was able to find his scriptures. It is amazing how we can understand things more clearly, when we trust Heavenly Father to lead us, Jesus Christ to enable us with His atonement, and the Holy Ghost to fill our mouths. The Godhead is a great team!
Overall, I need to get over my fear, something I am constantly working on, and really believe in my purpose and who I represent. I KNOW we can be lead to people who are prepared. I have seen it happen. In accounting this morning, we learned from Elder Finke if plans and back up plans don't work out then we need to repent and listen for the Spirit. He will guide us.
Our Christmas was good. Skyping everyone was so great! It was amazing to see how all my younger siblings are much bigger than me, well not Kai, at least not yet. (:
Christmas day we went to the Harris'. Opened stockings and ate a delicious breakfast. later we went out to dinner with Grandpa and the Elders to the Country Club, sounds classy but it isn't. Its like a Denny's haha but we loved being with Grandpa. We stopped by Gwen's, she gave us some Jamaican food which we ate for lunch last week. It was so good! Then we went caroling with the Elders and the Harris Family to some home bound members. It was so great! I loved it. It really helped me not miss home and think about all the family traditions but focus on the true meaning of Christ. To think we get all caught up with that stuff but we are here because of Jesus Christ and because of Him we can return to our Heavenly Father WITH OUR FAMILIES! So sweet!
Denie has set her baptism date for Feb 16th. We are excited. She is more confident. Our teaching pool is down but we have some good prospects. Guess we will be biking like mad men this week! The more we talk,  the more we find, the more we teach!
I hope yall have a great week! thanks for the cards and packages. i will send out thank yous, it will just be a little slow! hahaha
see ya in 2013!!
Love always,.
Sister Ploth.


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