Monday, January 21, 2013

Perfect, Redeem, and Preach.

Hello All! Another crazy week here in Daytona. Crazy good! We had a lot of trials but nothing like a good bottle of repentance and pushing forward. I realized this week (maybe again) that we need to know these bad weeks to know the good. The Elders reminded me that prophets have bad weeks. Look at Moses and when we brought down the commandments, they were worshipping a gold calf, talk about a bad week! haha

We biked a lot. I ate a lot. Burning off those calories is awesome, eating them back, not so awesome. We met some pretty sweet people, people that could be prepared for the Gospel. Our biggest obstacle is not letting people TALK AT US. haha. One lady was concerned that we were too far from our mothers. It was very sweet.

Jan is doing awesome. She came to church. She is reading like crazy. She caught the "bug". haha. We were suppose to teach her yesterday but she wasn't feeling well. We will plan her baptism this next Friday and I am not as stressed. She is so prepared that we don't need to teach her every little thing. We could just show her where it is, she will read and teach it herself. 
Denie also came to church. She is great. We found out she doesn't like like sitting down to read The Book of Mormon but she is more than happy to listen to it, so we gave it to her on CD! We are going down to Orlando this week so we are going to get her the kids version. 

I went on exchanges with a new missionary. It was her 2nd week out. She was so talkative. haha. It was funny to see where she is at. I learned that I am not screwing up my area but I am just over stressed. I sure did miss Sister Beckert. It was nice to have her back. 

We had a meeting with the stake leadership, missionary leaderships, and the full time missionaries. Every day I am learning how important the members are in this work. We have a three fold mission: perfect the saints, redeem the dead, and preach the gospel! All three are important and are a responsibility of everyone. I have also learned that members have the same fears we do as missionaries and are job is to BUILD THEIR FAITH! And how do we build the faith! Teach the doctrine! We have the restored Gospel and what a gift so why not share it! 

Oh scary thought! I had a dream this past week that we were door knocking and all the houses were abandoned and had eviction notices on the doors!! aaaahhhhh!!

Well I hope yall have a great week! Don't forget to pray for missionary opportunities! The missionaries in your area need your help!

love always,
Sister Ploth

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