Monday, February 25, 2013

Grettings from Port Orange, Florida

Hello Everyone!
Grettings from Port Orange, Florida!!
I have always wanted to open an area but let me tell you all something! Its the hardest thing to do and on top of that I have been SICK! yes, the past three days my throat has been killer and I have felt like death. Sister Cuthbert snuck in some honey into my drink to help me. EW! But I didnt taste it.
We dont have a big teaching pool. Our one and only invesitgator is, Amy. She is guess what...DATING A MEMBER. hahah. He lives in Orlando and she wants to learn more. Crazy story. She was looking up a relator and came across Brother Hellum's name and then googled "mormons in Port Orange" and found Brother Hellum's profile and so she called him up. We taught her on Wednesday. She is a thinker and isnt looking to join any church, she just wants to know whats up. As she was reading Moroni's promise in the Book of Mormon she defianlty felt the Spirit. She came to church on Sunday and poor girl, it was ward conference. Possibly the most boring service in church history.
The Ward has been so great! The Taylor family has done so much for us! So has Sister Warner. They have made this transtion great. The Ward is excited to have Sisters. They havent had sisters in over a girl. Elder Rumsey actually was a part of white washing from Sisters to Elders so I got to talk to him this past week. That was pretty sweet!
This week we have Zone conference and great plans to find people to teach. I think my main purpose here is to prepare Sister Cuthbert to train. But she doesnt need much help! She is so loving and outgoing. She shared with me that when she was younger she would get teased a lot so as she got older her mom told her, to make sure noone ever feels like she did when she was younger. And boy she overgoes it. She makes EVERYONE feel special. She was suppose to go to Fiji on her mission but she got sick and they sent her home from the MTC. She bugged them until they sent her back out so i know she understands why she is here!
It still feels so surreal to know this is my last transfers but all the Elders make sure to keep me in check. I am always getting, "Dont get trunky Sister Ploth!" haha. they are great!
I hope yall have a great week and have a great missionary expereince!!
Sister Ploth
pictures attatched: Sister Cuthbert and I! She is a doll!

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