Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to Daytona

Hello Everyone,
What a crazy week! It feels like its been two months. Sister Cuthbert went home because of sickness. So I am back in Daytona for the week with Sister Beckert and Schmidt. It is the weirdest thing. I feel like I am lost and I am not really understanding what is going on.
So back up....
Sister Cuthbert is amazing! She was orginally suppose to go to Fiji but while in the MTC she got sick. Her stomach did something like charlie horses. She got every test in the book done to her and they couldnt find anything wrong with her. She got approved to come back out and in this trasnfer she started getting sick again, but it got worse. President and Sister Hall got right to work getting the help she needed. Last week, we couldnt do anything and it was so hard to watch Sister Cuthbert in so much pain. It made me think of the Atonement and how Christ suffered for us and though I couldnt do anything for Sister Cuthbert in the moment, I knew Heavenly Father knew her and was comforting her. She made the decision to go home because she didnt think it would get better. I love Sister Cuthbert so very much. I have been thinking about why it had to happen and all this stuff. This last trasnfer has been so rough but in the end, I feel heavenly Father's love so much. We learned this weekend, success is about stepping out of our comfort zone and doing what Heavenly Father commands us to do.
I am graetful for Sister Cuthbert. She taught me love. She is a great gal and she is going to do some powerful things in her future. So in my last week I am in Daytona. Its weird but I am really praying and looking for how I can contribute to this area, one last time.
I love you all. Keep the Faith.
Sister Ploth.

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