Monday, February 27, 2012

All is well! All is well!

    This Sunday we had an amazing talk from the Elder's Quorum President, President Haring. He shared a talk from the 1973 General Conference about a $5 lawn. It was a way cool story. Basically, we go above and beyond. We need to magnify our callings. He listed it in 3 simple ways 1. Know the calling (MISSIONARY WORK) 2. Learn the gospel. 3. LIVE IT. I have heard it many times  Meaning we cant just do a $3 job but a $5 job is going to be going above our limits. Yesterday was an example of Sister Christensen and I starting our $5 job of being missionaries. We got home at 8:00pm. We had meetings, lessons, and on top of this we had fasted. We could have stayed in, did paperwork, and made phone calls. Instead we went out to check on our investigator, Brandon. He was sick and didn't come to church. He doesn't have a phone. We jumped on our bikes in the rain and were off. He felt so much love and was so happy to see us. On top of that we got three referrals for the Spanish Elders. It was a neat experience! I want to be a $5 missionary. I want to go above and beyond. I have also been reading "Our Heritage". Seeing the trials of what the early saints went through adds to my testimony and makes me want to be better.

             We are going into week 3 of our member referral lesson. its going great! We role played with Bishop's family and the Elders Quorum President's family last night. President Haring and Sister Haring were AMAZING! They have 3 dates were they want to invite friends in their home to meet us! We are getting everyone to pray about missionary work and we are praying. Yesterday 2 other ladies came up to us and told us about how they have someone for us to meet. We haven't even taught them yet! With our prayers and the ward prayers the missionary work is going to take off. We are working hard to follow up. We haven't knocked a single door to tract but we meet people everywhere we go. Its been amazing.

               This week we met a 61 yr old man named John Wayne Beal. He was riding his bike. He was in a 15yr coma! He was 6"0something and woke up 5"0something. Crazy! He was way cool. Also, I ran over a nail this week with the car. We had to run around everywhere on Saturday to get it fixed. It was hilarious. Kind of frustrated. We had an appointment with Brandon that night and I told Sister Christensen that Satan was trying to get in the way because Brandon read from the Book of Mormon. Well guess what....we got the tire fixed, we saw Brandon, and HE READ THE BOOK OF MORMON! He said he felt so much peace in his day. It was so awesome!

We did have an amazing experience yesterday! There is an Elder we love that is struggling with obedience and its the simple things. Well we didnt know what else to do so we decided we were going to be bold and loving. We were going to remind the Elder through the Spirit why he was on a mission and why we need to be obedience. Sister Christensen asked an INSPIRING QUESTION "Why did you come on a mission?" He had a long, lengthy answer. He taught himself through the example of others. We bore testimony of obedience. We didn't accuse him. While we showed love, he changed right in front of our eyes. You could tell he knew of our love. He felt it. The Spirit was so strong. My heart was pounding, I wanted to cry. The Lord loves us. He can only bless us through our obedience.

hmmmm. What else...i am sure a million things but I am running short on time! We are going to go play with nerf guns with the Elders at the church. Thank you everyone for the letters! I have a list of people I need to write, so dont worry! I will write!!

Its fast Sunday coming up. If you cant think of anything look at Alma 6:  Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that they should gather themselves together oft, and join in fasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God.

love, Sister Ploth


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