Monday, February 20, 2012

Fwd: "You dont need a goal when you are robbing a bank!"- Bishop Chevrier.

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Hello Earthlings!

Well Transfers week were crazy!!  I felt really crazy, nothing was going right. I defiantly cried more than I have ever.

This week I have been praying, a lot. Nothing seemed to be going right. I realized that I was being impatient and expecting too much from myself and the area. That I wasn't allowing the Lord be apart of HIS work.

Sister Christensen is great! She is really reserved so not knowing what she is thinking is uneasy but I know it will be something that will be able to be overcome. She is teaching me a lot. She sees the miracles and really follows the Spirit. Before I would just do and see what works out. She is helping me not question myself. She strives to be EXACTLY OBEDIENT, which in turn helps me see what I am doing and how I need to improve.

This week was psycho! All of our gators were M.I.A.! It was so frustrating. Everyone lost their baptismal date, we didnt meet with anyone. Actually, that is a lie. We met with Kim's 14 year old son, Jhvante. He was way cool! He loved the first lesson, he told us he felt God's love for him. His mom's lesson was that amazing too. Its just hard because she works a lot and wont return our calls. We will just have to keep trying. Jhavante reminds me a lot of Brent Carter, pain Brent black and you have Jhavnte. Crazy huh?
The Weessies came to church this week! I don't think they have come in 5 years. Their home teacher saw them, got really excited and introduced them to the Bishop and other members. They were so comfortable. I loved seeing them! They are excited to come back. I LOVE working with less active members. They simply want an invitation back!

So I am almost out of time but I want to talk about Bishop Chevrier;s talk this week. It was Ward Conference. He talked about the 10 things we should all do, but dont do. Okay, so every one you do give yourself a point....lets go!

1. Attend ALL meetings (not just the 3 hour block but other meetings. its fine if you are sick, those things happen.)
2. Pay tithing
3. Pay a GENEROUS Fast Offering (if you get a raise, your fast should raise)
4. FAITHFULLY Home Teach and Visit Teach (Visit often, not just once a month)
5. Daily scripture Study (5-7 days a week)
6. Daily Prayer (Are you TALKING to your Heavenly Father???)
7. Regular FHE
8. Regular Temple Attendance (make it a habit! Dont you know how blessed you are when its near and you CAN go?)
9. Magnify calling (What more can you do?)
10. REPENT REGULARLY, Don't simply say "I'm sorry", put the sins behind you

It was an amazing talk! We don't need to measure ourselves by our perfection but by our progression. The Lord's kingdom raises us up! I love this gospel! I love studying the Book of Mormon and the Bible together! I love setting goals. This work is wonderful! Kind of crazy sometimes but helps me stay focused on the good.

I hope all is well! Thank you for the letters this week! They were EXACTLY what I needed. I needed to be reminded to forget myself. If anyone needs anything....let me know and I guess I can try!

all my love,
Sister Ploth

Picture 1: Sister Christensen and I. She forgot her badge...haha. Her hair is CURLIER than mine!
Picture 2: We got caught in the rain!
Picture 3: We got a pineapple for serving the Coutures (we swept and mopped her house)



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