Monday, February 20, 2012

Crazy Email---all jumbled up-----ACK!!! sorry!!!

Hello ALL! Hope you have a great Presidents Day!!

 Everything is going great! I am learning a lot from Sister Christensen! She is really patient with me! I have taken a lot from what the blessing I got from Bishop Cheveir's blessing. I am being humble and teachable! She has so much knowledge, she should train before she leaves!

The week picked up! I have loved being busy again. We met a really cool guy named Brandon! He has such a desire to learn and progress. He accepted baptism the first lesson. One thing I have come to realize is that during the First Vision part of the first lesson, if we are teaching outside especially, something REALLY distracting happens. For Brandon it was a HUGE plane overhead! I prayed so hard for him to feel the spirit and he did! It was amazing. We have also going through potentials and have made a lot of contact with people who are interested in learning. I never realized how important those papers are until Sister Christensen took them so seriously. Also I LOVE updating the area book. It has a taught me a lot about how we need to treat the people we teach.
 We started our member lesson this week. We went over it with Bishop Chevier and Brother Eng and they loved it. We were able to teach them this Sunday and it was good. It comes in three different phases. 1. We teach the Message of the Restoration in the form of inspiration questions helping people remember their testimonies. We then invite people to pray to find those who are prepared for the gospel. 2. In 1-2 weeks we follow up and role play with them to invite people to meet with the missionaries. 3. We meet the people. So far its going really great! We have done 4 families so far!

love, Sister Ploth.

sorry this is so short! i had an awesome email but i had to give the computer up and it lost all my work. I talked to someone about the gospel so its all jumbled up!

I also got a flat this week! Ran around getting a tire on valentines day with the Conte Family. They were awesome! It was so fun!

Next week the email will be better!!

love you all!!


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