Monday, March 5, 2012

The Fruits of Our Labor!

HELLO LOVED ONES!! It is a beautiful, sunny day here in Orlando, Florida! We are so blessed!!

Yesterday, Sunday, was AMAZING! Wow. So many miracles! First off, we were running late. It was weird because we weren't slow, we weren't doing anything out of the ordinary. So we were trying to get to church and I tell Sister Christensen, "Brandon IS at church today." We pulled into the parking a lot and he was there! We squealed! We were able to sit in front of him and Sister Christensen explained to him what was going on. With it being Fast and Testimony meeting sometimes i am kind of nervous to what would be said but this Testimony Meeting was the BEST! Short and powerful testimonies. FILLED with Gospel Truths. No stories or long drawn out testimonies. The Spirit was so strong, I felt it from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes! David walked in just as it started! 2 out of 3 isnt bad. Gospel Principles was great. Brandon shared that he wanted to bear his testimony. David expressed his love for the Book of Mormon. Well 10 minutes didn't even pass and in walks Michael and Kari (his girlfriend). They brought all their kids and had put them in primary. 4 investigators at church! WOW! They all LOVED it. Kari said she really liked Relief Society. Micheal's kids loved primary. Brandon is friends with the 1st counselor of the Elders Quorum Presidency.  So Brother Tremel totally took over with Brandon and bore his testimony to him. It was all so amazing. David kept asking "What do I do now?" He has a baptismal date for April 1st, so we kept telling him just to keep learning and reading the BOM and coming to church. Overall Sunday was the BEST!

 I am learning a lot about patience and how I can approve. This week we had a few funerals in the Stake and they were close to the members in our ward. Studying the Plan of Salvation this week made it so REAL. To know Heavenly Father loves us so much He made a PERFECT PLAN so we can return to Him. It is perfect and as we STRIVE we can obtain celestial glory. I love the word "strive". I have read it a lot lately. We aren't asked to be perfect, we are asked to STRIVE. (I LOVE this video on the Plan of Salvation:

The Weather is great here. On Thursday I got sunburned. I was pink. I have a nice white shoulder and brown arms now. Weird.

I am loving the work. It is great. Some days I have "bad days" and I don't understand but days like Sunday makes up for the days. Thank you all for your prayers and letters. I am way behind, but don't worry, I WILL catch up!!

Sister Ploth

Picture 1: Eng Kids (4 of 5). Our Ward Mission leaders family
Picture 2: Wednesday was so nice!

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