Monday, March 19, 2012

Transfer 5....Where am I going???

Hello Everyone! Well the verdict is in...I AM STAYING IN LAKE MARY!

I am going to start off with a joke....ready?
Whats black and white and green and black and white?.... TWO ZEBRAS FIGHTING OVER A PICKLE!! hahaha. A little girl in our ward told us that last night and I thought it was funniest thing I have ever heard! okay lets get serious

      Things are going great! We are finding a lot of people. Now its just getting them to keep their appointments. So many cancel or they want to meet late at night. This next week our nights are BOOKED! Brandon, David, and Mike came to church this Sunday! Brandon is on track for his baptism this weekend, March 25th (HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER DREWP!!!) He is really excited. We took him to Longwood's baptism on Saturday and he loved it. I am so excited for him. On Sunday he walked out of Elders Quorum with a bunch of guys saying, "Who's going to baptism me???" haha. Wes Copeland (Recent Convert) will be the one. We are working on getting it to be special. We have listened to Brandon with who he likes and have talked to our Ward Council. It has been a great experience. My goal is to never talk at a baptism while on a mission, its not my job, its the Ward's.
Mike is doing awesome! We just got a text that he is listening to the BOM because he isnt a big reader. He is so cool. Yesterday he asked about fasting because he feels like he should fast. How cool!!

Sister Cruz and Jordan came to church!! Seeing them walk in was great! They loved it. Jordan is really growing and learning, we just need to keep that fire burning. Now we talk to him about missions. He seems to be interested.
      I am excited for this transfer. I need to learn something since I am still here!

love, Sister Ploth.

P.S. I am not sure if I already wrote back Ashley Balmforth or Tara Denkers, so...let me know?? (:

Pic 1: jordan cruz
pic 2: district...look at Elder Jensen's butt...eeewww!

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