Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 6!

Hello Everyone! Its week 6 of transfer 4!

 So next week I find out if I am going or staying. Bishop Chevrier thinks I am leaving, I think I am staying because I love Lake Mary. I am so glad to be here. . Everyday is a new adventure. We are teaching Brandon and Michael pretty consistently. Brandon is harder to get a hold of because he doesn't have a phone but we leave notes on his door and go over and say hello. He is doing awesome. He couldn't come to church on Sunday but we were able to go teach him with the Tremels last night. Ashley (his girlfriend) was there. She is wonderful! I love her. We invited her to the Relief Society Birthday Party. She seemed interested. We also told them about a temple tour, we have one planned by Brother Eng on March 24th.
Michael is LEGIT. We didn't even think of him as a top investigator. He came to church, he is reading, he is participating in the classes. Elders Quorum love him! He is going to their activities. So awesome. We are teaching him tonight at the Elders Quorum President's house. He has exchanged numbers with some of the guys. I am really excited. He is a way cool guy.
The Cruz Family was so close to coming to church this week. Jordan didn't have clothes. I keep praying it will happen.

Members are finding! We are role playing! Now we need to have them the confidence to act. Sister Christensen made a good point. We are praying for the members to find people who are prepared and they are. Now we need to pray that the people they find will want to listen and the members will have the confidence to act. Our Ward Missionary Leader (Brother Eng) has a lot of great ideas! He is so helpful. We are blessed to have the leadership we have here in the Lake Mary Ward.

This week was leadership trainging so Sister Christensen went to it with Sister Durr and Sister Kaaa. Sister Durr and Sister Lima spent the night on Tuesday. Wednesday I went to college park with Sister Lima and Sister Poulsen and Thursday we came here to Lake Mary. Being with Sister Poulsen and Sister Lima was good. They are wonderful missionaries! So loving! Sister Lima is friendly and loves everyone. She wants everyone to have the gospel. Sister Poulsen is sweet and cares about everyone. She wants to not only serve non members, members, but missionaries. I have never had another missionary ask me "What can I do to help you?" In everything! It was great. I also loved getting to know them and serving them while they were in Lake Mary (like making dinner and making sure they were comfortable). There are amazing Sisters here in Orlando and I am excited to meet the rest of them! We are having Sisters Gathering this week, so all 18 of us Sister Missionaries get to come together.

Funny story of the week:
We were biking home one night and these 2 young black guys start yelling at us "Hey crackers! Get out of our neighborhood!" It took everything I had not to laugh myself off my bike. The member we were with (she is working on her papers) was so scared. Sister Christensen and I were like "whatever!' because we were in a safe neighborhood, it was late, and there were lights EVERYWHERE. We dont bike in unsafe places. Plus we were so far from those punks. So funny!!

Well everything is going well here! I love you all! Thank you for everything!!

love always,
Sister Ploth.

Picture 1: Sleepover with Sister Durr and Sister Lima
Picture 2: Exchanges with Sister Lima and Sister Poulsen

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