Monday, September 10, 2012

Greetings from Daytona!

 Life out here is great! We defiantly hit the ground running. I wasnt unpacked until Thursday night/Friday morning. We have been really busy and I love it. I even jumped back on the good ole bike this week. I am excited to use that again! 
Its crazy how transfers works, as soon as you are comfortable the Lord decides to rock your world and move you. The coolest thing is that everything I learned in Eustis I am up against again but, this time I can solve the problem quicker because the Lord already showed me how to do it. I have pondered a lot about what Elder Bott says on the District 2 that the last 6 months are a time for a missionary to shine, they have been trained and they know how to do missionary work. I am excited to see the miracles unravel. I know Daytona needs to be built up and we are exctied.
This ward is great! Its very diverse and they love their missionaries. We got an ipad yesterday! YES AN IPAD! We get to use it for our teaching. We have some rules so dont worry, we cant use it in our apartment. Right not its still in the box until we can get it all set on Wednesday. so cool!!
My new comp: Sister Dunford is great! This is her 2nd transfer so I am finishing her training.She is great! She is from California and has a great testimony. She is really short and so everyone talks about the height difference, now I am really self concious about my height. hahaha.
We are working with some great people and have a baptism lined up in the next few weeks. Oh and Elder Finke is my district leader, if you remember he was in my disctrict my last transfer in lake mary. Also Elders Ashby and Oliver are in my disctrict again. So cool!
Well the lady in the same room is a cussing up a storm so I am very distracted.....ack!!!!!!! so awkward!!!
This Friday is my 1 yr out. Crazy! I still havent seen the ocean, rats. But it will come!!
Love you all!!
Sister Ploth.

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