Monday, September 17, 2012

Heeeeyyyyyyy Daytona!!

So week 3 already?? WOW! Time sure does flyyyyy!!!

Its been a great week. We were blessed with some awesome referrals and
we were able to bike our hearts out. This next week we will also be
biking and talking to all the people the Lord puts on our path.

We have a baptism this week, Theresa. She is legit. She had her
interview this weekend and she is excited. She has overcome smoking
this past week and her spirit is so strong. now we just have to pray
that the Lord will continue to strengthen her and Satan wont get to
her. (he is a jerk!)

Our AC was broken and it sucked. Waking up in the morning sweating was
nasty. Luckily, Elder Gebs (the man in charge of all that) went all
Papa BEar on the apartment staff for us. The solution? Bang the pipe
thing with a spoon. hahaha. yeah, i know. weird but it worked!!

Tonight we are having FHE with the Elders and some investigators at
Bishop's. The treat....banana splits!! yum! this weekend Daytona Beach
Ward will have 5 baptisms!! holla!!

the Lord's work is awesome!! i love it out here!! Bring on these last
6 months! I am ready to shine! And of course, to be humbled. the Lord
is really throwing some curve balls.

well!! thats it for now,

all my love,
Sister Ploth.

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