Monday, September 3, 2012

Daytona'ing uuuuppp!!!

So transfer day and I will be serving in the Daytona North area. How exciting! This past weekend, we have been a tri, Sister Showell came here from Lake Mary and she will be staying here and also Sister Barlow will be coming as well. So the Eustis sisters will be a tri.

I must say, I have felt my work in Eusits was a success. I didnt baptize 100's like Alma did but the work that was accomplished here was far greater. Yesterday, we got to see Johnathon Sinkovich get the Priesthood from his dad. What a sweet moment. As soon as Johnathon got the Priesthood, I knew my work here was done. Its like a feeling of peace and joy. I have loved less active work here. Its just as important I have love rescuing members and helping them make and keep commitments. I have seen so many people grow and the ward has seen it too. I know the gospel is real and I know its needs to be shared with everyone--member and non member-- that is why home teaching and visiting teaching are so important. As members we have to come together to help one another. This world is hard, it s a test, but with the Gospel anything is possible. I love this work. I just love it. I cannot believe I will be hitting my one year in only 11 days. Its surreal. But I know I am where I am suppose to be. When we give it all to our Heavenly Father and rely on our Savior, His Atonement can carry us.

Sorry this is so short but....I have some packing and some good byeing to say!!

love you all!!

Sister Ploth.

Picture attatched! Our trio!

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