Monday, September 24, 2012

At the end of a hard week, you see the FRUITS!

Hello All!! THis week was crazy! Satan really worked on us! 

But the tears, sweat, and not understanding was all worth it...WE HAD A BAPTISM!! Yes! Theresa entered into the waters of baptism on Saturday night and was confirmed a member on Sunday! Wonderful experience! It seemed like all the trials were never ending this week. It seemed everyday was a bust but the Lord provided! We are defiantly being looked out for by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am really coming to understand that this is the Lord's work and He wont let it stop for anything. 

We were able to have FHE with Bishop Pillow this week. Gwen and Charles came! Gwen and Charles are a Jamaican couple we are teaching. Gwen is the coolest lady and Charles is so spiritual! Gwen accepted a a date for baptism on Sunday for October 27th! She has a philosophy for life, you should only be married and baptized once, and she has already done the first one. We asked her if we could work for the goal of the 27th and she said yes but if its sooner than we will make it sooner! Her and Charles came to church on Sunday! She cooked us dinner last night. So good!! Jamaican food is nice and spicy! And we had watermelon, cucumber, celery juice! 

I am always amazed by the power of prayer as we.. A recent convert who went through the temple recently took us out for dinner and she made the comment, "When you pray, you create intention" How true is that?? We pray and the Lord expects us to act. We cant just pray in vain. If we want to find people to baptize, we need to be boldly praying and acting on it. I am also once again learning about the importance of members in this work. We need the members of Christ's church to be opening up their mouth. WIthout them, this work is nothing. Missionary work is simply being a good example and inviting people. So CHALLENGE:: All you women, invite a friend to watch the Relief Society Broadcast with you this Saturday! What an awesome experience to share with someone!!

Well, we are off for the day! We have a great week planned and I am ready!!

All my love,
Sister Ploth. 

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