Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 300 days!!

This will have to be quick! We went to a flea market with the Famularos (Kendal, ask Matt and Josh if that name is fimilar, Bro Famularo said he knew who your brother was from the mission!) this morning and still have to shop and everything else. So sorry everyone I owe letters to, one week pushed back again! Life of a missionary!
 I really love Eustis! Right now we are working on finding and where the best places for us to find. So far we have talked to some great people. Saturday night we went to stop by the Chandlers, when we saw these two black ladies sitting in a garage port so we went and talked to them. One went into the house, to avoid us but Barabra stayed out to talked to us. She was a neat lady! From Pennslyvania, she was down visiting her sister. She told us that Sunday was the five year anniversary of her husband's death. Shen then told us about her faith in Jesus Christ and also about her experiences. How she was an ex crack dealer, one of the biggest, she has 5 kids, homeless, has to go to court and be a witness for a murder and all these other things. But she was so cool. She had a lot of experiences. We were able to talk a little about the gospel but not much since she was also drinking but I felt so much love for her. We blessed her and as I prayed I felt God' love. I love blessing people. We do it for investigators and members but we dont contact people much and if we do the spirit isnt always there to bless them but it was there that night. She held on to our hands and I felt so warm. After she embraced us both and tears were rolling down her face. Again, it was confirmed to me that the atonement covers ALL LIFE and EVERYONE needs the restored Gospel. No matter what. People CAN have a change of heart. Look at alma for example. Everyday I love the people of Florida more and more!
Keep us in your prayers! We are working hard!
love always,
sister ploth.


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