Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

Hello All!  Happy 4th of July but also HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Sister Kerns and I have decided to celebrate Christmas in July. We drove over listening to GLEE Christmas. Very fun! And we we get to stay out late to watch fireworks!! woot woot!!!
So right now the system is down to email President so looks like my time is dedicated to this and coming over I was thinking, "Hmmm, I dont have much to say" but I will pray that it will be good.
This week was great! We hit 19 lessons, again. It seems like we are stuck doing 19 every week. haaha. But we are trying. We had a LOT of exchanges with members which was such a blessing. About 6! Wow! So we could have made our goal with 5 lessons with a member present, if people didnt cancel/not show up. I wonder how funny it would be if we were like a doctor's office and charge people for no shows. I would one rich Sister!
We have started teaching Beverly's daughter. We arent sure if she is interested but she is open. It was Beverly's Birthday so we made a cake. Oh man, she was grateful but it looked like a hot mess (picture attached) . We were only able to meet with her once this week. Its getting to be crunch time since her baptism is in one week. keep her in your prayers! She only has a few more lessons! The Bishop made a comment about how she seems happier and her countenance is changing. That was awesome to hear.
We might be dropping someone this week. ): I wont say who but its really hard. Sister Kerns and i have two different opinions but I know that the Lord will provide if we are obedient and we CREATE miracles for Him.
On Friday we went to Windermere (right across from the Temple!) for trainers follow up. In Sister Kerns' words "To make sure neither of us are dead" hahaha. It was really good and just what I needed. This whole time I had been so concerned for myself, if I was training well, if I was helping the area, if I was showing faith. I was so consumed with myself that I wasnt focused on Sister Kerns. I had to repent. I realized that these 12 weeks are for HER to grow and have spiritual experiences. President Hall and the APs told us to imagine our new missionaries in a 1 1/2 years. Well Sister Kerns will be home, so I thought about where she would be in 9 months. Well she would be 9 months! Wow! I want her to be the best so I need to lift her. So my goal this week is to entriely focus on her and not myself or even the area. I want her to grow. Now I dont know how many have picked this up but I love John 15:13 Greater alove hath no man than this, that a man lay down his blife for his cfriends.
And I was reading in this months Ensign and a lady quoted it and said that it meant to her laying down her concerns and needs to her husband. Or in my case, laying aside me for Sister Kerns. I truly love her and I am so grateful for the time I have to be with her. She was taught me so much in these 4 weeks. my weaknesses are her strengths!
We are going on exchanges with the Deltona Sisters this week! Sister Kaaa will be coming here! 3rd time exchanging with that sister and I love every minute of it!
Wow I wrote more than I thought I had to say! Well I hope you all have a great week!!! Keep the Faith and remember to share the gospel!
love always,
Sister Ploth.

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