Monday, July 30, 2012

Gimmie more of that Felix Felicis!

Quick Harry potter reference. I feel like Harry did after he drink the potion and was able to get that information from Slughorn and all the other cool things that happened! man! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this work!

The first one has to do with the Saurette Family. Sister Staley and I baptized Cody (9) in May. We were going over to teach them the MOTR because we knew they had a cousin that would be intersted and we wanted to get them to be confident to invite their cousin. We planned to teach the MOTR using cups (were you build up the church). Earlier Sister Saurette texted us and told us that Ahsley would be there. I thought Ashley was their other cousin, one they have brought to church before and is 14 years old. Okay, no big deal, we will teach with her there. On our way to their house their home teacher, BrotherEvans calls to talk about the lesson. We were so confused why he was going to be there. Turns out Ashley was actually the girl they gave a BOM to a few weeks ago and they had invited her over to listen to us. WHAT?!?!?!? We had NO idea. We kind of freaked out because we didnt plan for this. But the Lord calmed us. Ashley is a 20 year old, single mom (Jenna 8 months) that loves Christ and wants to be a good mom to Jenna. She wants to be active in church again. It was an amazing lesson. We taught according to her needs. Brother Saurette even said "I would love to be the one to baptize you since I hold the Priesthood" and Sister Saurette bore the sweetest testimony of the BOM and church. It was so great! She commited to be baptized. We took her on a church tour and she said she felt safe in the chapel. She describes the spirit as a wetsuit that is keeping her all in and dry. So cool! She was unable to make it to church  but Sister Saurette told us not to worry, that we will get her. (:

NEXT UP is Gina! We met Gina a month ago and could never get ahold of her. She lives way off so we couldnt really drive there to stop in but we finally got ahold of her and taught her on Friday. That was equally amazing. She is so prepared. She knows the Bible so well and even started talking about the 12 tribes of Israel. She beleives in revelation and prophets. She came to church and was so into the talks. During Gospel Principles, we talked about the Fall of Adam and Eve and she basically taught the lesson and it was CORRECT! She agreed with EVERYTHING! After she made a comment Brother Ambs (WML) even said, "Amen! We can all go home now" EVeryone was so suprised. Gina even made a commment that she always thought these things and others told her that she was crazy and she was happy to know there are others who beleive the same thing. We took her on a  church tour after and showed her the fount and invited her to be baptized. Her respone "Really? Thank you! My whole life I wanted to be baptized and no one would baptize me and I had to beg a Pastor to baptize me and it didnt feel right but I knew i had to be. Now you are aksing me? Yes!!" she is a way cool lady! I think Sister Kerns and i wanted to hug her guts out!! So cool! She WILL get baptized Aug 11th.

I am just so happy. I love being on the Lord's errand. I know when we are obedient and do the things that He wants us to, He will provide!

I hope everyone is well!!

Love, Sister Ploth.

Picture: Us with Sister Pam Smith. She is a recent convert and is amazing!! Love her!

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