Monday, August 6, 2012

Food & Basketball

Hello All!!

i hope everyone had a great week! We sure did. Lots of miracles! We are teaching a cute family right now of 5. 4 of them are baptsim age. keep them in your prayers, we are seeing them TONIGHT!

Gina wont be getting baptized this weekend. ): She had a family 911 but we will still be working with her.
We are taking Ashley and Sister Saurette on a temple tour this Wednesday. That will be fun! I havent been on one since April!

We are working our tails off!!! Praying hard. I was even so frsutrated yesterday that we knocked a street and if you havent noticed I HATE KNOCKING! Only one person opened but she invited us back. I was willing to show the Lord that I would do whatever. Because of that though we were able to meet with our Family that we are teaching (they were running late).

We had an AMAZING break the fast dinner last night thanks to the Westcotts. Normally, I dont request meals because no one can cook like my mama and daddy! But this was amazing!! We had porkchops, sweet potatoes, corn on the cobb, mushrooms, lemonade shake ups, and cheesecake! Look at that excitiment on the picture attacthed!

We also went to becky ray's basketball game on saturday. so fun. she is 7 and we love her. we are actually giong to go play basketball with her today!!

well i love you all!!! keep being awesome!

love, sistet ploth

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