Monday, October 1, 2012

A year in Florida!

Hello Everyone!! Yes, So many 1 years coming up! SO Wednesday, October 3rd will be 1 year in Florida! It has gone by so fast and I have loved every minute of it!

So this last week wasn't AS stressful. Man, this transfer has been full of so much drama and confusion but Sister Dunford and I just laugh and brush it off. We aren't letting Satan get us down. (SATAN?? WHO IS THAT GUY?? I DONT NEED HIM!) 

We have a lot of cool things planned for this week..or the next 2 weeks. We have exchanges, I will be with Sister Kerns for the day tomorrow, temple tour on Wednesday, we have ZTM, GENERAL CONFERENCE, Zone Conference, and a few more things in between but I am ready for an inspiring next two weeks. 
We met the coolest mom and her daughter a few weeks ago and last Monday we actually got to see them and later that week teach them. They are sweet! The girl, Marcala, is 14 and amazing! She is so smart and focused. Her mom is so involved with her schooling. When we dropped by Monday they were sitting on their porch doing homework together. it was cool. Marcala is just the coolest. We think she will be the key in getting her mom to come into the Gospel. This 14 year old girl has overcome a lot and is still loving. Whenever we go over she perks up and listens. She doesn't have religion and her mom wants her to...and look we show up! We are going to try to stop by tonight. 

Gwen is doing so great! Last night we talked about the temple and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is ready for baptism, we just need her to get to church again! Her job holds her back from church. Dang those stores that are open on Sunday! Its so annoying, and Sister Dunford and I don't think its our place to tell someone to quit their job but we know the Lord provides for His Children. We feel Gwen will be a powerhouse in the Gospel, she already talks about it with others. And she is sooooo sassy!! I love her!!! Her husband, Charles, doesn't want to learn anymore, but thats okay, he supports his wife and wants her to. So thats cool. We are going on the Temple Tour with Sarah. She is a neat lady. She is a chef and so spiritual. She also works Sundays but she is close to quitting her job so she can come to church. haha. She is excited to see the temple. We feel it will be really good for her because her husband has passed away and so she will be able to learn more about eternal marriage!! (:

The Relief Society Broadcast was amazing wasn't it?? I loved the first talk byt the new RS President, I forget her name. The Doctrine of the Atonement. WOW!! Powerful! I felt the SPirit so strong. its what I needed especially in this work. I have to repent, I haven't been relying on Christ as much as I should. But I have come to the realization that if I am too stressed out, I cant have the spirit with me. Elder Finke challenged us to write down a list of all the things we can and cannot control. I realized that I cant control a lot, but I can control my attitude. 

The picture attached...THE AMBS! From Eustis, were in Daytona for the weekend and decided to stop by for the church service. It was so great to see them!! (: 

Well I hope you all have a great week. Prepare well for conference!! I know the Lord will provide for us and we will be able to recieve revelation through His Prophets. (:

Love always,
Sister Ploth. 

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