Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference this past weekend, Mission conference this week!

We dont have to email president this week. We have MISSION conference! so we get to see the whole mission! And a general authority, Elder Zwick, will be coming. I am really excited. General Conference this past weekend and now a mission conference!! 

It has been a year since I have been in Florida, this past wednesday! Conference was so good. I loved Elder Holland's talk. I actually read about Peter this morning. He was the apostle who denied Christ three times! But he showed his love for Christ and went on to be the senior apostle. It shows that we all will doubt but we can all return. I am learning to forget fear. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are constantly by our side. I really liked Elder Nash;s talk. Remember him? He was our stake president in Lynnwood a few years ago. So funny to see him there. I just loved all of GC! I am excited to go back and re read. How blessed we are to have modern day propherts, seers, and reveltators. I know that Christ's church is restored! 

Our dear friend, Gwen Ross, came to Conference. She is scheduled for baptism on oct 27th. She is an amazing lady. She wants her family to be part of the gospel so bad but she realizes it that she needs to take the first step. I loved sitting by her and watching her take notes. She has so much compassion. She is a beautiful, Jamaican lady who has a heart of GOLD. She is working her tail off at Walmart so she can bring her daughter and 5 grandkids to the states, She went to school and is a CNA but she needs the constant work. I love her so much. She is so sassy. She loves reading the Book of Mormon. She calls us HER missionaries. I know she will make it to baptism. 

We took Sarah on a temple tour. She is also a neat lady. She has had a lot of trials but she is so grateful. She always prays for gratitude. She is feeding us this week. She went to culinary school and loves cooking. 

The Rossi's are doing well. Michael Rossi (20 year old) accepted baptism on Oct 27th. His sister is at BYU Provo right now and she is a driving force for her family. I have heard so many good things about her and I hope I get to meet her. I know her family will follow her into the gospel. Right now we are teaching her dad, older sister, and older brother. I love them all. They love the Gospel and I really believe that Heavenly Father has a plan for them but lame Satan gets in the way. 

We started teaching Anthony, a 9 year old, his mom, Ashley, is a recent convert who is so sassy and funny. She cant come to church because she has MS. She comes when she can. She has three kids: Anthony, Aiden, and Ayana. They are all so cute. Missionaries before would try to teach Anthony before but he never paid attention. With us, he did. He really was into it and made comments like, "When i pray I feel good. I haven't prayed in awhile. I should start praying again." hahaa. so cute!! Children are so inspired! They have so many gifts and talents. They are in-tune with the Spirit. That is why we need to come like children ourselves. 

I went on exchanges with Sister Kerns this week. so fun! I was nervous but dang, in 5 weeks she is so bold and daring and loving. I was so proud. I just kept hearing from people how great she is and sister kerns would proudly say, "Well Sister Ploth is my trainer!!" and I was just like naaahhh....she did it all herself (:

Missions are crazy. You learn so much. You are constantly being compelled to be humble. You feel the Saviors love, not only for you BUT for others. You love to serve. You just become a better person. Sometimes its hard to accept the Lord's will, but I am learning.

Well I hope you all have a great week!! Just a little BTW' mailbox was kind of empty this week. I cant write unless I get letters. (;

love always.
Sister Ploth 

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