Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Bike Week!!

Hello Everyone!

So its Bike Week and its SOOOOOO cool. So many people biking around. I am super jealous. And I guess Romney was in town this past Friday so Daytona Beach is a jumping place to be right now.

But a s a missionary its always great! We had a great week. First off, we have Gwen. She will be getting baptized this Saturday, OCt 27th at 6pm BUT she needs all of y'alls prayers. Charles (her husband) at first said he supported her but now he doesn't so she is struggling because she doesn't want to upset him but she knows this is what she needs. We will be seeing her everyday. Pretty much, this whole week is playing it by ear. But yesterday she tried on her baptism clothes and got a blessing from OUR NEW BISHOP!! yes, through all this we have a new Bishopric. Bishop Crookston. He is legit though. The Crookston's were the first member meal I had here. I love them! They have been so involved with Gwen too. So its really cool. Oh and Dad you would love SIster Crookston, she has like 13 guns...hahahahahahahahaha. They are super cool. I love Gwen so much. She is an amazing lady and everyone should know her.
Next big miracle, Morgan, the 16 year old girl we are teaching has a baptism date for December 22nd!! Yessss!! Finally!! I love her. She is so cool and so spiritual. you would never guess she isn't a member. She is legit. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity yesterday, She agrees and knows they are good. We taught the Law of Chastity by using this video,   Its an awesome video. One of my favorites. 

We biked in the rain again. So fun. Its easier to talk to people when you really look like a goofball. We have been working with Sister Mercador a lot. she said she is coming back to church because of us. I love her to pieces. She is so giving and loving. Unfortunately, sometimes people aren't kind to others but she came to church! 

With the pictures attached... I just hit my 400 days and we were by beachside so we thought we would snap a picture, don't worry, we didn't go on the beach...thats from the parking lot. Then!! Sister Durr...I mean Shannon.....came to visit!! It was so cool to see her. So weird. But cool. I love her and I am so lucky to have served with her.

Well I am still lvong this work. I am so grateful for this chance to be able to do this. What a blessing. I wish everyone could go on one. 

Until next week,

All my love, 
Sister Ploth 

oh and check out the latest mormon message...POWERFUL!!

Today is district prep day...we are going on a tour of a chocolate factory!! woot! 

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