Monday, October 15, 2012

Transfer #10...ready...set.....GOOOO!!!!

Hello All!!
So here I am..10th transfer! And I will still be In Daytona with Sister Dunford. Woot woot!! Sad news though, Lake Mary now has Elders. So no going to Lake Mary to end this 18 months. But thats okay, we have some great things going on here In Daytona, and a lot of progressing.
First off, we had Mission Conference this week!! What a crazy adventure. We woke up at 4am to be at The Elders' by 530 to be in Orlando by 730! Oh man oh man! Crazy!!
But Mission Conference was mind blowing! We had Elder Zwick and he is way cool. He and his wife have been doing missionary work for 23 years!! And not just member missionary work, but for the church headquarters. CRAZY!! I learned a lot, mainly how to improve teaching. We need to shorten and intestify. When people are exposed to short, powerful, pure doctrine and testimony, they can feel the Spirit. It was a great chance to be spiritual fed. I wish I had my notebook to share more, but I left it at the apartment.
But we had a good week! Besides from eating......SALMON CASSEROLE!!! I wanted to DIE! A member made it and when Sister Dunford put some on my plate, the member said, "Oh you need to eat more than that!" And Sister Dunford looked at me with the saddest eyes and put more on my plate. I kept saying to myself, "Okay...this isn't too bad" but oh man, It was! THEN! She gave us the leftovers, but we threw them away. Heck no! That isn't going anywhere near me again! About a hour later from that appointment, our investigator, Sarah, cooked us dinner. It was super good!! But we were full! BUT! It was worth it.
We have one week until Gwen's baptism! She is doing so great!! She is an awesome lady. Everyone needs to know her. The ward already has her a visiting teaching companion and they are working on home and visiting teachers. We are working on the baptism program this week. A perfect program is on its way! She also asked us to send the missionaries to her daughter and grandchildren in Jamaica!!!
We did some service for a less active lady. She is so fun, kind of crazy! We were there for 2 hours cleaning her trailer and she kept giving us stuff and we didnt want to say no, so we have to get to the goodwill sometime. We gave a lot of it to Elder's Recent converts, jade and hope, they are 12 and 13 and sweet girls. They dont have a lot to begin with. And the less active lady gave me....A SKANKY NIGHTIE!! hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha. Last time we were there she gave Sister Dunford a string leopard print bikini so of course I needed something...ahhaha.
Well time to make this the best week 1 in the history of the FOM!!
love ya all!!

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